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Wedding magician

Dmitrijs Bubins is one of the top magical performers in Baltics, being both professional and easy to communicate with. 

For a long time Dmitrijs has been touring the world, taking part in shows in China, Indonesia, Mexico, Lebanon and many others, but for the last few years settled in Latvia, offering high- value shows for the clients. 

When you contact me, I will ask for the amount of people at your wedding to provide you with the show that's most suitable for the event. 

You can hire magician for large and small venues, here are my advices:

  • Stage show- even though it is called "stage", in a real world it is usually dance floor or some empty spot, where everyone can see what is happening. The show is interactive, with tricks that are suitable for the event, like magic with rings or bottles, spectator involvment and overall lighthearted performance. Show can be performed for both big and small parties.

  • Close up magic- style of magic that's very popular now, because it gives the best experience for the spectators, everything happens within their reach and creates a huge emotional impact. Usually being done in a larger venues, still this type of magic could be done also for small companies.

Contact me to reserve the the date for your very special event!

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